YesMDR (Yamaha Electone Simple Music-Disk-Recorder) built with YAD (Yet Another Dialog)

YesMDR (Yamaha Electone Simple Music-Disk-Recorder) is a free/libre and open Project (GNU GPL v.3) which targets the owners of the ‘vintage’:
Yamaha Electone Series (MIDI organs) marketed worldwide between ~ 1986 and 2001, and
– Yamaha Music Disk Recorder (MDR) device peripherals marketed worldwide between ~ 1986 and 1996.

This version of YesMDR (here a shell script with GUI) ‘should run’ under any free/libre GNU/Linux operating systems such as:
– ARCH Linux & all their derivatives-flavors like Manjaro Linux, Endeavour OS and even Manjaro-Arm,
– DEBIAN & all their derivatives-flavors like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, MX Linux, Pop!_OS, Elementary, Deepin Linux, Zorin and even Raspberry Pi OS (Arm),
– RED HAT & all their derivatives-flavors like Fedora and others,
– SUSE & all their derivatives-flavors like openSUSE and others, and
– Surely much more.

Note: YesMDR is built on top of YesXR, see here for more details.

YesMDR — Yamaha Electone Simple Music-Disk-Recorder — Control Panel

♦ Quick Presentation

YesMDR is -a MIDI utility software- which is handling:
• [A] – ‘All-RAM Data’; i.e. Registrations & other Non-Performance data,
• [B] – ‘Performance Data’ (Channels 1-to-16); i.e. Everything relative to Notes, Program Change (PC), Control Change (CC), etc., and
• [C] – ‘Rhythm Start/Stop and other Real-time Data’,
of the compatible Yamaha Electone ‘Vintage’ Series.


Yamaha MDR-3 | A Music Disk Recorder for Yamaha Electone Series Organs with its 2 Control Panels


Yamaha Music Disk Recorder (MDR):

• [A] = ONLY Recording / Playback All-RAM data on the Yamaha MDRs.
• [B] + [C] = CUSTOM Recording / Playback on the Yamaha MDRs.
• [A] + [B] + [C] = NORMAL Recording / Playback on the Yamaha MDRs.

* Consult the User’s Guide or Owner’s Manuel of the Yamaha Music Disk Recorder peripheral devices.


YesMDR can be used as a partial replacement or substitution of the Yamaha ‘Music Disk Recorder’ peripheral devices (MDR-2 / MDR-3 / MDR-4 / MDR-10) designed exclusively for Electone use, -but their file formats are not compatible-.


♦ Release date forecast

• The first αlpha version of YesMDR (here a shell script with GUI – YAD) could be released during the summer 2022.