Simple MIDI Sequencer (SMS) v.0.2.5 with Audio capability (cross-platform)

SMS is a simple, but not a simplistic, real-time MIDI & Audio Sequencer offering all the basic functions needed by the amateur musicians for easily recording and playing back theirs performances on any computer

Simple MIDI Sequencer (SMS) is a free/libre software developed with Purr Data / Pd-L2Ork (an improved version of Pure Data Vanilla).

SMS runs under Purr Data or Pd-L2Ork (to be installed), free/libre development environments oriented objects, on at least free/libre GNU/Linux, as well as proprietary macOS and Windows operating systems.

Simple MIDI Sequencer (SMS) can be used as it is or freely modified – adapted by anyone to her/his particular needs/tastes (DIY – Do It Yourself).

♦ The ‘SMS’ Project has moved and it has now a dedicated page HERE consolidating all its versions!

For following the evolution of this MIDI/Audio project, please visit above link…


Simple MIDI Sequencer (SMS) | A general purpose MIDI Sequencer with embedded PC-CC & Audio functions