Simple MIDI Sequencer (SMS) v.0.2.9 with Audio capability (cross-platform)

SMS is a real-time MIDI & Audio Sequencer offering all the basic functions needed by musicians for easily recording and playing back their performances on any computer See the previous articles about Simple MIDI Sequencer v.0.2.5 & 0.2.7. They introduce this free/libre (FLOSS) cross-platform software, present its working principle, show the full connection diagram of each module (subpatch), give examples of MIDI/Audio connections and use with VMPK (Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard), and explain the system requirements for smoothly running it on any computer (GNU/Linux, macOS or Windows operating system). Simple MIDI Sequencer (SMS) v.0.2.7 with Audio capability (cross-platform) SMS v.0.2.5 with Audio capability Content of this article about SMS v.0.2.9 Simple Control Panel (zoomable) – Update Audio/Voice Recorder/Player (full connection […]

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